About Us

Westmark is large enough to offer plenty of opportunities for getting involved in the life of the community, but small enough that you’ll never feel lost in a sea of people. We’ll notice your presence and welcome you with a warm handshake and a friendly smile.

Our History:

Westmark E-Free has been in existence since 1880. We were originally established by Fredrik Franson, a man with a deep passion for God. We strive to ensure that very same passion for God continues to this day.

Fredrik Franson
Fredrik Franson

Why Westmark? The name “Westmark” is the name of a township in rural Phelps County. However, the church is actually located in Garfield township! Many years ago, there was a Westmark rural school and post office. The church began before the current nearby towns were established along the railroad line. Very old Nebraska maps may refer to a “Westmark” community. We still refer to a Westmark community today, except now it exists among the members of our church body.

The rest of our name, “Evangelical Free Church” refers to our affiliation with the Evangelical Free Church of America, which began in 1966. Before that time, Westmark Evangelical Church was an independent congregation.

By “Evangelical” we refer to our commitment to the Word of God as our only safe and sufficient guide to faith and practice. Scripture is strongly emphasized here as the source and sustenance of our faith.

By “Free” we refer to our form of congregational church government as it emphasized a contrast to the “state” church systems of the Scandinavian countries of our origin.

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