FCWM Funeral Serving

Number attending:      Meat Casserole (1*)//Salads (2*)//Desserts (3*)//Rolls (4*)

100 attendees                8-10 women//8-10 women//9 women//12 women

150 attendees                10-12 women//10-12 women//11 women//13 women

200                                   15 women//15 women//13 women//16-18 women

(1*) – 9×13 pan or larger to serve 15-20, or use a crockpot

(2*) – Enough to serve 15-20 or 3 boxes of Jell-O in recipe

(3*) – 9×13 pan

(4*) – one dozen each


Planning for a funeral: Always add 25-50 more people so you don’t run out of food. We now have 4 ovens in the kitchen, but if there are many crock pots brought in, plug them in around the kitchen.

Remember: ice, butter, jelly, napkins, dessert plates, and larger clear cups for water. Use the Corelle plates and coffee cups in the church kitchen. Check supplies before the funeral: creamer, sugar and coffee. Paper goods are in the tall cupboards in the kitchen or check the storage room (the half room). Aprons are hanging with the tablecloths; feel free to use them; they are nice for those using the dishwasher. Also for visitors, FCWM members who are in charge of the meal are easily identified in case a need comes up that someone needs some help with.

Use lace tablecloths on the tables. For the round tables, they are in the cupboards on the east side of the kitchen next to the closet by the water softener (and window). There are also tablecloths hanging in the north cupboards. Wash after use, as they are very easy to launder. Remove them from the dryer immediately. They don’t have to be ironed.  You can let them air dry. Most of the time you can put 6-8 Corelle coffee cups, 1 insulated coffee pot and 1-2 pitchers of water on the tables. Make sure someone monitors the coffee and water during the serving of the meal.

30 cups of water=1 cup of coffee; 60 cups of water=2 cups of coffee.

Cut desserts in their original pans and put them on a dessert table. These are usually in front of the glass windows at the east end of the social hall (nearest the sanctuary). They can also be at the west end. People can dish their own dessert using dessert plates. They enjoy choosing their own desserts and serving themselves. Pull the table out so they can go on each side. It’s faster and much better than waiting in line.

Setting up the tables before the funeral helps a lot. Because we have such a large social hall, try to put the tables far enough apart so people can walk between them when others are seated at the tables. After the funeral, bring in some of the smaller arrangements of flowers for the middle of the tables and also set some of the larger ones on the piano, or bring in the flower stands and place them randomly around the room.

Large funeral—use four lines when serving and if it’s a smaller funeral, have two lines. Put two tables per line in front of the serving window for this; serving goes much quicker. For overflow seating have napkins, glasses, coffee cups and silverware ready for those who have to eat their meal in a Sunday school room.

Check with Pastor, the FCWM president or the family if they want people to start eating before they return from the cemetery. If so, Pastor will say grace before anyone leaves the sanctuary. He will make people feel welcome to stay at the church. This could be because of weather or any number of other circumstances.

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