Worship is a response to who God is and what he’s done. It’s an act of reverence on our parts in which we acknowledge the infinite worth of God and lift him to his rightful place of authority over our lives. It’s a gesture of total submission on our parts. He is the king of kings, and we exist to worship him. We willingly and joyfully engage in worship now, knowing that one day everybody will worship him (Rev. 5:13).

We desire to create an environment of worship where believers feel freedom to worship in ways that encourage them and others. We want people to draw closer to God.
You’ll find a mix of musical styles incorporated, with some hymns and some contemporary music. Some weeks there will be an organ, others a guitar and maybe even drums. No one particular musical style of worship can claim Biblical favor, and our congregation is a mix of older and younger. We wish to honor and encourage all church participants.

We pray you will come prepared to worship!

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