Women’s Ministries

Love One Another

“And regardless of what else you put on, wear love.  It’s your basic all-purpose garment.  Never be without it.  Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other, in step with each other.  And cultivate thankfulness.  Let the Word of Christ–the Message–have the run of the house.  Give it plenty of room in your lives.  Instruct and direct one another using good common sense. And sing, sing your hearts out to God!”   Col. 3:14-16

“When you participate in Westmark Women’s Ministries you can expect:
* to be included (you belong here)
* to be protected (this is a safe place)
* to receive grace (no one here is perfect)
* to be encouraged (by God’s Word and God’s fammily)
* to be instructed in wise living (God’s Word is our lifeline)
* to be mentored, nurtured and nourished in love (older and younger
women together)

Westmark Women’s Ministries Leadership Team:
Chairman……….Renee Davis
Secretary……….Linda Steinbrink
Women’s Ministries:

Service Ministry: Mary Wallander & Stephanie Edgren.

Special Events Ministry:  Bonnie Hahn, Rogene Samuelson, Jan Hoeln.

White Cross/Missions Ministry: Judy Nelson & Donna Boggs

Bible Studies Ministries:  Ruth Nelson & Leann Hock.

Prayer Ministry: Jennifer Sand, Betty Isaacson

Nominating Committee: Jan Holen, Susan Johnson, Jill Luther, Marlene Blythe as advisor.

Decorating Committee:  Renee Davis, Renee Holen, Shari Kuck & Ellen Lind

Purpose and Mission of Westmark Women’s Ministries:

Westmark Women’s Ministries exists to:

* Promote and assist in the ministry of Westmark Evangelical Free Church.
* Support home and overseas missions through prayer, finances, and practical assistance.
* Host special events to inspire women/men and touch hearts

*Walking beside, caring and encouraging one another

EFCA National Women’s Ministries Click on this link to the EFCA National Women’s Ministries Page. You can receive the “Connections” by email and keep up with current news from Elizabeth Inrig, National Director.

Ladies’ Wednesday Bible Study: Join us this fall for Bible Study, coffee and fellowship each Wednesday at 9:00 A.M.


White Cross Meetings: Usually the third Tuesday of each month, 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM

2016 Serving Circles

*Denotes Co-Chairman

Circle 1 — LOVE
(Special person to remember–Merna Smith, Chrisoma West, Birthday–September 12th)

*Leann Hock 472-5041               *Jolene DeBoer  325-1028
Donna Boggs 472-3767
Kris Hueftle 995-5036
Renee Davis 472-5192
Jennifer Kaps 472-5113
Christa Linsenmeyer 701-471-0894

Michelle DeBoer 402-369-0670

Diane Fullerton 472-3878

Wendy Hellum 472-3318

Helen Wiebe 876-2517

Circle 2–JOY
(Special person to remember–Marilyn Winkler, Birthday–April 25th)

*Marlene Blythe 987-2205

*Jill Luther 324-2366
Roxine Nelson 876-2273
Wanda Thorell 876-2207
Kathy Robison 472-5026
Shannon Hueftle 472-1415
LaJean Jauken 987-2514
Sheila Philips 876-2210
Amber Brown 472-5200
Chelsea Isaacson 991-5278
Connie Rohde 785-4016

Circle 3–PEACE
(Special person to remember–LaVaughn Larson, Chrisoma West, Birthday–April 3rd)
*Connie Johnson 472-3470

*Bonnie Hahn 856-4536

Susan Johnson 995-8397
Linda Steinbrink 876-2467
Renee Holen 876-2460
Bretta Lund 472-5256
Darlene Kruse 785-2815
Lois Holen 472-3257
Alicia Lassen 987-2537

Laura Nelson 991-9165
(Special person to remember Evie John, Bertrand Nursing Home, Birthday–June 11th)

*Marnie Carr 987-2302
*Jan Holen 472-3378

Kamie Ackerman 472-3417
Chris Johnson 987-2355
Ruth Nelson 472-5221
Jodi Nelson 472-5341
Darlene Wallander 472-3497
Berni Schwarz 472-3701
Betty Isaacson 876-2406
Carol Halley 987-2221
Shari Kuck 472-3731
Liz Gdanitz 472-3813

(Special person to remember–Evertt Breiner, Birthday–July 22nd)
*Mary Wallander 876-2397

*Ellen Lind 308-730-1175

Jennifer Sand 472-3494
Keri Maloley 472-5152
Mishelle Wallander 472-5021
Steph Edgren 472-5353
Richele Holen 472-5326
Marlynn Samuelson 472-3232

Meachelle Nichols 856-4444
Peggy Nichols 856-4742
Judy Nelson 876-2510

Rogene Samuelson 995-4624dy


Hostesses for FCWM Table on Sunday Mornings

Jan–Mary Wallander
Feb–Marlene Blythe
March-Ellen Lind
April-Wanda Thorell
May-Jan Holen
June-Judy Nelson
July-Ruth Nelson
August-Connie Rohde
Sept-Shari Kuck
Oct-Lois Holen
Nov-Jolene DeBoer
Dec-Darlene Wallander

Info for Women
Click here to go to the monthly women’s newsletter.
Contact Renee Davis, Linda Steinbrink Renee Holen, or our Women’s Ministry directly

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