Interim Pastor Pat Moore

Pat and his wife Julie, are excited to be ministering here at Westmark to work with God to bring healing and stability during a time of transition. They feel confident that God will continue to use His people at Westmark to bring salt and light to the communities in which we live and work. Pat and Julie 1

Pat and Julie will be working to visit as many families of the church as possible while reviewing and assessing where Westmark has been, where we are now, and where God would have us be.  In time, this will include a search for God’s next pastor to lead Westmark in the years to come.

This is Pat and Julie’s third interim since joining Interim Pastor Ministries after serving two other interims and two full-time churches in smaller communities in central Nebraska.

Family: Pat and Julie have two grown sons, who with their wives each have four children.

What those who know them best and the staff say about them: Pat is steady and caring and almost crazy enough to like working with the Jr Highers on Wednesday night. He especially enjoys helping people understand the great concepts of God’s Word in ways that relate to our every-day lives and challenge us to live even more seriously for Jesus.

Julie is an important part of the team with her gracious wisdom and caring attitude for everyone around her. She continues her part-time counseling practice a day or two a week.

Fun facts: Pat and Julie enjoy hiking and the out of doors, but are especially in the zone when the grand-kids are a part of their day (their children are good to have around too).

Closing thoughts: There are things happening at Westmark that will help you move into a closer relationship with God if you are willing to try it out. There are youth and kids everywhere on Wednesday evenings and children and adults alike are learning on Sunday morning during our Sunday School time and the worship time that follows. We hope God touches your heart to join us in learning about and worshiping Him!


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