We hope you’ll visit our fellowship. Here are some things you might be wondering:

  1. What should I wear?
    1. Come as you are. People wear everything from jeans to suits or dresses.
  2. What should I expect upon arrival?
    1. You should expect a warm greeting. It’s hard to slip in and out unnoticed–that’s one of the virtues of our congregation.
    2. You can also expect coffee and some kind of refreshments. If you prefer hot tea, Pastor Mike will be thrilled–he’ll be happy to make you some.
    3. Services last about an hour. The message is about 30 minutes.
    4. Sunday school classes (start at 9:30 a.m.) have a variety of options. There are both men’s and women’s groups, young and old groups. You’ll likely find something that works well for you.
  3. What is the worship like?
    1. Worship tends to be a blended style. You’ll find both traditional hymns and contemporary worship
    2. As far as expressiveness goes, most are fairly conservative. There are a few that will raise their hands, and you’re welcome to do so. Nobody dances in the aisles.
    3. We post the lyrics on a screen, so you don’t need to worry about knowing the songs.
  4. What about the Bible?
    1. We are in complete alignment with the EFCA position on the Bible. We believe the Bible is the inspired/infallible Word of God. We are unapologetically a church where the Bible is the supreme and ultimate authority. Don’t be surprised if you hear us say, “Where stands it written?”
    2. Pastor Mike prefers the text over topics. He’s an exegetical speaker who believes his job is to expound the Scripture faithfully, first and foremost.
    3. Thus, we encourage you to bring a Bible. If you forget, the passages are posted on the screen, and there will be plenty during the sermon.
    4. We believe in “series.” The usual format for our series is a New Testament book, an Old Testament book, then a shorter topical series. By far the bulk of our time is spent in one of the books of the Bible. In the topical series we ask ourselves explicitly what the Scriptures have to say about that topic; so even there it’s still Bible-focused.

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