Monthly Worship Schedule 3rd Qtr. 2019



Date Keyboard/


Vocals Events Sound Computer
Sept. 1st Leann Tim, Jill, Dan   Jake Ben
Sept. 8th Roxine Renee, Jill, LaJuan, Joslyn

Jared Sheila
Sept. 15th Betty Dan, Shari, Jodi  Comm. Jared Betty
Sept. 22nd Leann Tim, Jill, Joslyn, Michaela   Mark Ben
Sept. 29th Betty Dan, Shari Jodi Mark Sheila
Oct. 6th Roxine Kurt, Renee, Jill, LaJuan Kurt Betty
Oct. 13th Leann Tim, Joslyn, Michaela Kurt Ben
Oct. 20th Betty Dan, Shari, Jodi   Jake Sheila
Oct. 27th Leann Tim, Jill, Emma   Jake Betty
Nov. 3rd Roxine Kurt, Renee, Jill, Joslyn Comm.

Time Change

Gale Ben
Nov. 10th Betty Dan, Shari, Jodi Gale Sheila
Nov. 17th Roxine Kurt, Renee, Jill, Emma Jared Betty
Nov. 24th Leann Tim, Joslyn, Jodi Jared Ben
Dec. 1st Betty Dan, Shari, Jodi, LaJuan   Mark Sheila
Dec. 8th Leann Tim, Jill, Renee Mark Betty
Dec. 15th Roxine Kurt lead opening hymn  S.S. Program Kurt Ben
Dec. 22nd Roxine Dan, LaJaun, Joslyn, Jill   Kurt Sheila
Dec. 29th Betty Dan, Shari, Jodi Gale Betty


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