Worship Team Schedule

Monthly Worship Schedule 1st Qtr. 2020

Monthly Worship Schedule 2nd Qtr. 2020

Vocals Events Sound Computer
May 3
RoxineKurt, Renee, LaJuanCommunionJakeChelsea
May 10BettyDan, Shari & Jodi
& Pastor Pat
Mother’s DayJakeSheila
May 17LeannTim, Jill, EmmaMarkBetty
May 24RoxineKurt, Renee, Joslyn MarkChelsea
May 31BettyDan, Shari Jodi & PastorGaleSheila
June 7LeannTim, Jill, EmmaGaleBetty
June 14RoxineKurt, Renee, LaJuan, JoslynJared Chelsea
June 21BettyDan, Shari, Jodi & Pastor Father’s DayJaredSheila
June 28LeannTim, Jill, Emma KurtBetty
July 5RoxineKurt, Renee, LaJuan CommunionKurtChelsea
July 12BettyDan, Shari, Jodi & PastorJakeSheila
July 19LeannnTim, Jill, Emma, JoslynJakeBetty
July 26BettyDan, Shari, Jodi, LuJuan & Pastor MarkChelsea
Aug. 2 RoxineKurt, Renee, LaJuan MarkSheila
Aug. 9LeannTim, Emma, Jill & JoslynGaleBetty
Aug.16BettyDan, Shari, Jodi & PastorGaleChelsea
Aug.23RoxineKurt, Renee & LaJuanJaredSheila
Aug.30LeannTim, Emma, JillJaredChelsea

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